HiberniaNETWORK_logo4cHibernia Networks announced today its new Television Operations Center (TOC) that is located at its Cable Landing Station (CLS) in Lynn, Massachusetts. The TOC monitors and manages live video feeds 24x7x365, supporting Hibernia’s global video transmission network. The TOC enables Hibernia to deliver greater scalability and streamlined network capabilities throughout the northeast United States.

Hibernia’s video transmission network is the largest of its kind and connects sports, news, and entertainment programs to audiences around the globe. It utilizes Net Insight’s Nimbra VA 210, a video appliance facilitating robust live media transport over IP. Video feeds are booked and managed through the Dimetis BOSS broadcast platform, which includes BOSS LINK Manager® and BOSS BROADCAST Manager®.Hibernia media services

“Hibernia has been able to attract some of the biggest names in broadcasting because our video services are purpose built with a focus on the demands of television networks, “ states Matt Johnson, SVP Product & Strategy of Hibernia Networks. “The addition of the TOC in Boston enhances the next generation capabilities of our video services and streaming CDN. Hibernia will be able to continue to deliver the reliable media transport that our customers depend on, while further developing our innovative video services.”

For more information on Hibernia’s cutting-edge network and to view its global network map, please visit www.hibernianetworks.com.