IBC 2016 is upon us! Companies that create, manage and delivery electronic and media entertainment have converged in Amsterdam to discuss the transformations the industry has undergone in the Digital Era and what the future holds. Joining in on this conversation are Hibernia Networks and Equinix, who today announced their collaboration to expand the Equinix Media Cloud Ecosystem for Entertainment (EMCEE™) into Equinix data centers in Asia, Europe and North America.screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-12-35-43-pm

Customers can now seamlessly cross-connect with Equinix’s global facilities on demand, facilitating the efficient distribution in the EMCEE’s robust ecosystem comprised of media and entrainment businesses, as well as network and cloud providers. EMCEE’s backbone, Hibernia Networks’ low latency fiber optic network, allows for fast and unrestricted gathering and distribution of media content to and from Equinix data centers.

“This cloud ecosystem is paramount for all technology-driven content production companies,” states Wes Hanemayer, VP of Video Services at Hibernia Networks. “Our focus is to bring next-generation video transport technology to the marketplace that benefits our customers. We’re excited about this new milestone in our well-established partnership with Equinix aimed at better serving the evolving needs of M&E customers.”

By leveraging EMCEE, media and entertainment customers are able to leverage the state-of-the-art data and video transmission services on demand between Equinix data centers and key customer studios, as well as other facilities. The digital IT infrastructure ensures that the ever-growing demand for OTT applications often faced by such customers is met no matter the bandwidth capacity required today or in the future.

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