Specializing in HD programing, Hibernia Media connects producers andHibernia Media distributors with high quality content transport services for sports, entertainment and news broadcasting. With cost-effective services designed to enable customization of transport solutions, the Hibernia Media offering incorporates the latest in technology to ensure high quality programming for its clients. Recently announced was the use of one such advancement – a new high-performance dedicated networking solution Hibernia Mediadesigned for secure low latency connectivity further driving high quality media programing:

Del Bothof, President, Hibernia Media
“We specialize in helping major media companies transport their programming, and there has been a growing demand to carry that content using IP platforms. To accommodate this market shift, we looked to Qwest for a dedicated network solution that would be highly scalable and secure. We are very happy with the network performance and the reliability that we get from our QwestIQ® E-Line solution and that it reinforces our 100% QoS commitment made it the right fit for us.”

Hibernia Media’s offering includes solutions for dedicated use, occasional use, integrated access along with program distribution – a flexible suite of next-generation media services.

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