Hibernia NetworksHibernia Networks’ Hibernia Express cable made landfall in Cork, Ireland earlier this week, ushering in the final phase of the submarine cable build of over 4,600km. The low latency route connecting Halifax, Nova Scotia to London, England and Cork, Ireland will be ready for service in September 2015 and will have a significant impact on Ireland’s connectivity.

As a foundational element to the country’s preeminent position in the global cloud infrastructure marketplace, Hibernia Express will provide data centers and Internet exchanges the connectivity to address the ever-growing bandwidth needs of North America and Europe. The cable will bring 10 Tbps per fiber pair, nearly triple the capacity currently delivered on transatlantic systems, at a time where Ireland is experiencing a surge in demand for data center services. In fact, The Irish Times recently reported that demand from global businesses is expected to at least triple Ireland’s data center capacity within the next three years.Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 3.57.02 PM

“Hibernia Express is the latest milestone in the company’s commitment to bringing the most advanced telecommunications infrastructure to Ireland,” states Bjarni Thorvardarson, CEO of Hibernia Networks. “The new low latency cable provides the international connectivity it needs to support the big data and cloud applications that are driving the transformation of telecommunications globally, enabling businesses to operate more efficiently and competitively.”

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