Hibernia Atlantic’s newly constructed low latency route connecting 165 Halsey to 1400 Federal Blvd in New Jersey is ready for service. Constructed by Cross River Fiber, this new route and strategic partnership provides customers with increased diversity and lower latency than existing routes. After a thorough planning and design process, Cross River Fiber and Hibernia engineers collaborated on a solution that would showcase the strengths of the partnership and provide customers with a unique alternative in the market.

Hibernia has also certified Vello Systems’ new latency-optimized equipment along this route. The new equipment enables Hibernia to now offer 10Gigabit lit services to customers on the new route with an SLA of 239 microseconds RTD. Vello Systems is the leader in low-latency networking systems, with ultra-low-latency solutions at 10Gigabit and above, based on the intelligent VellOSTM operating system for operational simplicity, software-defined networking, and extreme reliability for mission critical applications.

Hibernia Atlantic delivers wholesale capacity with a strong focus on customer support, route diversity and competitive pricing. To find out additional Service Level Agreement (SLA) details for Hibernia’s 165 Halsey route, contact [email protected] or visit www.hiberniaatlantic.com.