Hammer Fiber Optic Investments Ltd., a New Jersey-based wireless and fiber network operator and wholly owned subsidiary of publicly traded Hammer Fiber Optic Holdings Corp (OTCQB:HMMR) has entered into a new partnership that will lead to dramatic expansion. The company announced today that is has teamed up with Go Long Wireless, Ltd. (GLW), a company based in Sarasota Florida that holds 12 GHz Multichannel Video Distribution and Data Service (MVDDS) spectrum in 49 U.S. markets, reaching a population in excess of 29 million.

The partnership will enable Hammer Fiber to expand its successful business model that includes bundling high speed broadband, TV, and VoIP phone service to these additional 49 markets, including targeting underserved rural communities.

“Hammer Fiber is excited to follow through on one of our core promises of delivering high capacity broadband to markets across the country at dramatically lower cost than traditional wireline methods, including fiber,” said Mark Stogdill, CEO of Hammer Fiber. “This Go Long partnership will allow us to deliver comparable and affordable robust broadband services to both underserved rural communities and urban metro markets alike.”

Hammer Fiber’s business model has been proven in Atlantic City, New Jersey where a pre-5G ‘wireless fiber’ network delivers a triple play bundle of high speed broadband, 4K UHD capable TV, and VoIP phone service. Services are delivered at a fraction of the cost incurred by competing fixed fiber or cable-based networks.

“With our licensed footprint covering over a third of the U.S. landmass, Hammer Fiber is the perfect partner to leverage our expansive spectrum holdings for the delivery of broadband services that both rural and urban consumers demand and deserve,” said Bruce Fox, CEO of Go Long Wireless. “They have the only technology that can currently exploit our spectrum’s extensive capacity to its full potential.”

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