DE-CIX announced today that it has begun the certification process for DE-CIX New York to become Open-IX certified, signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Open-IX Association in San Antonio, Texas on February 3rd while attending NANOG 63. DE-CIX has followed the growth of Open-IX Association (OIX) over the years and has now taken the first step to joining the organization committed to enhancing the Internet marketplace in the U.S.

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Open-IX, a non-profit comprised of a neutral group of volunteers from the Internet community, promotes better standards for data center interconnection and Internet exchanges by outlining technical and operational guidelines for Internet exchange points (IXPs). IXPs must meet the minimum level of functionality for exchanges in order to achieve OIX-1 certification.

DE-CIX also announced that it will be adding three new facilities to its New York network, as well as a new Customer Advisory Board for its North American operations. Steven Schecter, Senior Manager of Network Architecture at Akamai Technologies, has been appointed as the first member of the Customer Advisory Board. Mr. Schecter and the fellow board members will advise DE-CIX on matters involving how to best run, expand and grow the exchange.

Click here for the press release announcing the MoU and new Customer Advisory Board.