FISPALIVE - Register NowFISPALIVE‘s “FISPA 2017 Hybrid Service Provider Conference” is only a few weeks away taking place in Nashville from February 15-17th. This is the must-attend trade show for serious executives and network operators who call competitive telecom their industry. You see all the vendors and new products in one place at one time. So, grab your cowboy boots and start packing!

Discover new opportunities and how to grow your business. This event brings industry leaders, executives, and operators from around the nation together to enhance skills, facilitate business, and promote the growth of the industry. FISPALIVE offers multiple ways to enhance your business and see an instant ROI through educational sessions demonstrating industry knowledge-base; networking with executives (owner/operators) of small to mid-sized telecommunications companies and exhibitor floor where you can learn about vendor solutions.

FISPALIVE 2017 - TopicsSome of the topics you will be hearing about at the event are Hybrid Service Provider, Mergers and Acquisitions, Competitive Location Exchange Carrier (CLEC), Sales & Marketing, Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP), Fiber, and more. Those that will be speaking are leaders in their respective businesses, fields, and communities. They are recognized, respected professionals who bring a unique perspective to the conversations about the future of telecommunications. They are innovators within the business community or in their area of expertise who are willing to impart their knowledge, insights, and personal stories to inspire and educate our members, attendees, and colleagues.

FISPALIVE - 2014Catch our very own, Jaymie Scotto Cutaia of JSA, along with Jim Hollis of FISPA, Douglas Mauro of TruePath Technologies; Brian Savory of Colo Atl; Dane Jasper of Sonic.Net; Don Paige of Amino; Peter Radizeski of RAD-INFO; Ken Janc of MarketBroadBand; Donny Smith of The Fibersmith Company; Suzanne Urash of Cre8 Group; Jon Weindruch of Websults; David Privee of NetSapiens; Erik Levitt of 1st Point Communications; Kyle Liessner of WireStar; Clay Colvin of Georgia Business Network; Bill Heinz of PBX-Change; Josh Gray of Baltic Networks; Tony Stramandinoli of IgNite, Dawn Evans, Kim Xiong, Maddy Bangergee and Clarence Johnson of AT&T; Seth Block of Thermo Credit; Jonathan Allen of Rini O’Neil; Tom Forte of Technologies Management Incorporated; Chris Frost of Cruzio; Brian Young of Convergence Technologies; Kris Twomey of Law Office of Kris Twomey; Brian Worthen of Mammoth Networks; and many more on various panels at the event. New speakers and topics are posted daily. Check who the agenda for all the latest news!

And let’s not forget to mention, registration for the 2017 event has already surpassed previous years attendance with C-levels signing up every day. Check who will be there! 

AT&T will be the GOLD sponsor (for the 10th consecutive year) and will provide onsite sales and technical resources to help Service Providers deliver networks on their AT&T Switched Ethernet (ASE) and MetroE fiber networks, DSL networks, mobility network, and their Managed Information Services (MIS aka DIA) networks. FISPA will also announce the general availability of its Agent Program to enable providers faster ordering, lower prices, and early termination flexibility on AT&T MIS services.

Attend and learn from network operators that share, learn, and teach! Register Now.


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