GN logoToday at Telecom Exchange in New York City, GlobeNet announced an extension of its network that connects its customers to key Internet exchanges in Amsterdam (AMS-IX), Frankfurt (DE-CIX) and London (LINX). The expansion allows GlobeNet to provide its full suite of existing L2/L3 service offerings, which enables direct private connectivity from Latin America to Europe.

The new extended footprint will enhance its existing network and provide exclusive European content to its IP Transit customers. These customers have come to rely on GlobeNet’s IP backbone for fast, reliable and high performance direct Internet connectivity via its low latency network. 640px-Bluemarble-Kavrayskiy-Night

“The decision to extend our network to Europe comes from our commitment to provide the best quality global telecommunications solutions and customer experience possible for our customers,” said Erick W. Contag, President and Chief Operating Officer of GlobeNet. “This first step opens the door to Latin America, one of the fastest growing markets for European customers, offering unparalleled resiliency, quality of service and the lowest latency to the region.”

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