GlobeNet announced today it has opened the fastest US – Brazil IP Traffic Route.  As an extension of its over 22,5000 kilometer subsea network, GlobeNet’s new route connectsGlobeNet
into Equinix’s MI3 International Business Exchange (IBX®) data center in Boca Raton, Florida and Equinix’s SP2 facility in São Paulo, Brazil. This new connectivity allows network service providers around the world to tap into economic opportunities stemming from emerging commercial centers in Latin America.

“In response to the demand GlobeNet is seeing for high capacity, low latency connectivity throughout the Americas, we made a strategic decision to deploy in MI3. As a major international hub for network traffic, M13 offers GlobeNet customers direct access to high performance networks in which to extend existing networks or expand into new markets,” stated Erick Contag, Chief Operating Officer for GlobeNet.

The LATAM region has seen explosive growth in bandwidth intensive applications further driving the need for high capacity, resilient networks.  GlobeNet, as an international wholesale provider, offers carriers and service providers secure ways to expand existing networks or connect into new areas.  GlobeNet also operates an ultra low latency Express route from Wall Street, New York to Bovespa, Brazil.

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