GlobeNet announced the deployment of the Infinera DTN-X packet optical transport networking platform across its entire U.S. terrestrial backhaul network. The deployment on routes in the northeast and south Florida, with continued connectivity into Latin America, allows GlobeNet to increase network efficiency and differentiate its service offerings as it scales network capacity.


Infinera DTN-X enhances GlobeNet’s high-performance, low latency services by enabling the capacity to deliver over 100 Gb/s coherent transmission through 500 Gb/s super-channels. These super-channels are designed to be scaled in the future to accommodate a network that can deliver over eight Tb/s of transmission capacity on a single fiber. Just how much capacity is eight Tb/s? It’s more capacity than the entire Internet in 2005 and would enable the streaming of over one million HD videos at once.


“The global communications infrastructure is rapidly growing due to increasing demand for media-rich and Cloud-based services. With this network upgrade, GlobeNet demonstrates our commitment to reliably deliver the most advanced services available to our customers,” said Erick W. Contag, president and Chief Operating Officer of GlobeNet. “Deployment of the Infinera Intelligent Transport Network enables GlobeNet to deliver advanced services today while at the same time prepare for the continued demand for capacity in the future.”


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