Global Convergence Solutions, Inc announces its newest offering Dynamic North American Plan (dNAP), a service to provide international carriers with everything they need to begin taking control over their U.S. bound traffic.

As a component of the GCS Dynamic Management Solution, dNAP will provide carriers with the ability to purchase termination capacity and services that, previously, were typically beyond their technical and operational capabilities. Specifically, dNAP includes:

    • U.S. Jurisdictional Routing & Rating
    • U.S. Local Number Portability Routing & Rating
    • Access to the NPAC database for LNP data
    • Ability to manage Local Exchange Routing (LERG) 
    • Analytics & Reporting 
    • Professional Services Training on U.S. Market, Best Practices

“Today, many carriers struggle with the complexities of engaging termination suppliers to the U.S. and routing their voice calls profitably,” states Neal Axelrad, CEO of GCS. “With our GCS Dynamic North American Plan, we have a solution that will provide carriers with the entire suite of tools they need combined with the necessary expertise to guide them as they take control over this portion of their voice traffic and operations.”

dNAP will be available immediately to all retail and wholesale carriers. For more information, visit