I’ve been a home owner for approximately 12 years now, and only just this year purchased my first weed-whacker. I’d convinced my wife and every other neighborhood joker that I could use my lawn clippers (big scissors) to do the job and do it just as fast and neat as the whacker could. I even went so far as to lie about my chronic thumb cramping. Then, one day in early summer, I was asked to go golfing, on a whim, green fees and cart (and beverages) paid. Only catch, I had to get the lawn done before I left (the little bargains we make with our spouses – sad but true). With that, I wasn’t about to spend more than 60 minutes giving the lawn its usual spa treatment. So I **dramatic pause** borrowed my neighbors weed whacker. AMAZING! It was quick and accurate. No mess, no fuss. No thumb cramps. It actually felt like a golf club in my hand. I spent the afternoon playing bad golf, instead of doing yard work. I’d traded the manual and time consuming task of yard work for an all-expenses paid game of golf. It was glorious!

You see where this is going, right?

Global Capacity recently announced that it has launched a customized quote management platform for FiberLight, a leading provider of next-generation network solutions. The customized solution leverages Global Capacity’s One Marketplace Access Exchange which offers automated pricing, ordering and provisioning of access solutions while providing transparency and efficiency to a fragmented and complex market.  The customized platform deployed for FiberLight provides custom quotation management for off-net solutions that leverage the company’s own negotiated supplier agreements, and gains access to additional off-net global providers, ensuring a competitive advantage.

Wait for it…

Implementing the customized quote management platform effectively eliminates FiberLight’s manual process of generating quotes. (no more scissors) One Marketplace Access Exchange provides FiberLight with fast, accurate, automated pricing for Ethernet access circuits, vastly improving the company’s response time to customer requests and reducing back-office costs. (One Marketplace = Weed Whacker). Moreover, FiberLight’s on-net access solutions will now be offered to One Marketplace Access Exchange members, who currently generate more than 120,000 automated quotes per month through the Exchange.  Sounds like an all-expense paid golf outing to me!

“One Marketplace Access Exchange was designed and built to improve efficiency, while effectively streamlining and optimizing the pricing, procurement and provisioning of access network elements,” states Greg Hough, EVP of Global Network Strategy for Global Capacity.  “By customizing the One Marketplace Access Exchange for FiberLight, we have effectively decreased their operating expenses, increased productivity all the while providing visibility to market rates and circuit availability.”


To learn more about Global Capacity / FiberLight annoucement, go here: http://globalcapacity.com/news/9