I am sure by now you have heard the news. Telecom and technology public relations veteran, Daniel Highet, has joined JSA to contribute specialized communications and multimedia content as JSA continues to ramp up customized client services. What does that mean? Well, as JSA’s Director of Content, Daniel will work across account teams and client campaigns in the development of specialized strategic communications and multimedia content, including thought leadership articles, case studies, white papers, technical blogs, eBooks and video.

Daniel at Hockey Camp in Toronto

Sure Daniel might be new to the company, but he is already making an impact, showing a passion for the job and new role. And in true JSA fashion, he’s enthusiastically taking on new writing projects and bringing our clients’ brand to a whole new level. I think it’s safe to say that Daniel has already earned his JSAer Badge (or should I say Peacock Feathers!).

It’s true that he might have just started at JSA this month, but we feel like we’ve known him forever. And some of us actually have! Take a look at the Q and A below to learn about the latest talented PR professional to join the JSA team.

How did you get involved in the PR/Telecom industry?
I had experience in public relations in the alternative healthcare category and music industry dating back to 2000, but my career in telecom PR began in July 2007 when I answered a Craigslist ad for a writer posted by a Jaymie Scotto. Jaymie interviewed me in a Battery Park, Manhattan coffee shop and offered me the position the same afternoon. That was a good day.

What do you find the most appealing about the telecom and technology industries?
While it’s been said that the telecom industry is the Fourth Utility, it’s exciting to be involved in what others are now calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution, considering the advent of the Internet of Everywhere.

What projects get you the most excited?
Projects in which the client is welcoming of narrative technique, the discreet use of irony and creative flourishes.

Daniel with his morning coffee being awesome

What does your typical workday look like?
Every day starts with brewing a pot of 6.5 cups of coffee and then reading the New York Post (comics for adults) followed by the New York Times. After proper caffeination and some cognitive stimulation, I settle in to work.

Coffee or tea?
French or Italian Roast.

If you could use three words to describe JSA, what would they be?
Passionate, caring, intelligent.

What is your writing process in a nutshell?
First, I research what current thought leaders and influencers are saying about a given subject matter, technology or trend. Then I familiarize myself with the positioning of the client. After this research and discovery, I attempt to develop an original concept or story angle that speaks to the premise of the article and the message of the client and their target audience. I then write, rewrite and rewrite some more.

What was the best writing advice you’ve ever received?
Writing is rewriting. Trust your instincts.

What’s your favorite word?
That’s a tough one, but speaking as a writer, the one that comes to mind is “approved.”

Do you work with music on or off?
Off. I listen to music too closely and it would be an insurmountable distraction to work.

Mac or PC?
PC HP Spectre laptop. Highly recommended and one-thousand dollars less than the cost of a Mac Book Pro.

Who are your favorites writers, playwrights or otherwise?
Ernest Hemingway, Raymond Chandler, Tennessee Williams and Wes Anderson.

Daniel on Killington Gondola

What piece of literature could you read over and over again?
Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises” and anything by Raymond Chandler.

Hardcover, softcover or Kindle?

What is your ideal Saturday night?
Après-ski in Europe with someone you love.

What is the best thing about working from home?
The ability to pace in your living room, uninterrupted, on the rare occasion of writer’s block.

If you could transfer your home office to anywhere in the world for a month, where would it be?
The Swiss or French Alps.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
See above.