Georgia System Operations Corporation (GSOC) has entered a leasing agreement for dark fiber on Southern Telecom, Inc. (STI)’s Atlanta central business district fiber ring.

GSOC’s control centers operate 24/7 to manage the delivery of electricity across the state. To ensure 24/7 operations, in 2005 GSOC’s backup control center, located about 25 miles from its headquarter operations in Tucker, went operational.

GSOC is utilizing the fiber to connect the cooperative’s headquarters office in Tucker, Georgia, to Georgia EMC’s government relations, community and economic development office, located on the Georgia Tech campus in downtown Atlanta.

“Utilizing Southern Telecom’s fiber network has helped GSOC streamline our internal operations between our headquarters office and our affiliate Georgia EMC’s office, including our data management, phone systems and business tools,” says Bilal Sabusa, Director of Technology and Operations for GSOC.

“Additionally, the fiber optic upgrade with STI increases overall reliability and results in long-term cost savings over a leased circuit for GSOC,” notes Mark Bowman, GSOC Telecommunications Engineering Manager.

Southern Telecom markets or owns more than 2,600 route miles in the southeast anchored by a robust conduit and dark fiber metro network throughout Atlanta.

“There are several benefits for companies that utilize fiber connectivity, including dramatically faster communications as well as increased scalability, control and security,” concludes Barry Navarre, Southern Telecom Business Development Manager. “We are pleased to be selected by GSOC to help them improve the network infrastructure between their two office locations in Metro Atlanta.”

GSOC, along with Georgia Transmission Corporation and Oglethorpe Power Corporation, is a tax-exempt cooperative that provides and delivers wholesale power to 38 of Georgia’s electric membership cooperatives, or EMCs.

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