Welcome to May! This year is certainly flying by. We are sure by now your company is aware of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforcement, which begins officially on May 25, 2018.

The GDPR was designed to not only standardize privacy practices across the EU, but to influence how countries outside the EU design their own legislation around data protection and privacy. The GDPR applies not only to data captured and processed by EU-based businesses, but also to any organization outside the EU that processes personal data about EU customers in connection with offering goods or services to them. The penalties for GDPR noncompliance can be quite significant – with fines up to €20 million or four percent of total worldwide revenue the previous year, whichever is greater.

Before you say OUCH, let us explain how you can equip your organization on creating a winning GDPR compliance strategy, that will help you steer clear of these penalties and then some. The GDPR is a complex (nearly 300 pages!) regulation that businesses must educate themselves on and put an action plan into place to survive.

Here are JSA’s recommendations and other crucial information that is designed to help your organization successfully tackle GDPR in 2018 and beyond.

JSA Recommendations

  • Determine whether or not you are using email addresses from the EU. If the email has an .eu .de .nl .be .es .uk .it .se .ch .pl at extension, that’s a pretty good sign. Other than that you may need to use the IP address to help you locate the origin.
  • Prepare for a new opt-in campaign for your existing EU customers. Even if you previously obtained permission to use their email address, you will need to solicit permission from them once again.
  • Review any requests for email addresses, including pop-up windows and sign-up forms, to make sure the language is clear and specific, and covers all the reasons for using that address.
  • Keep a record of all individual permissions to use their email address and be prepared to present the consents if asked.
  • Take steps to protect against potential breaches in security. Review your current data storage and security practices to see if additional measures should be added.

Here at JSA, we know how critical email marketing is in your digital marketing plan, and we’re ready to help you tackle GDPR and other email marketing concerns with our “Do’s and Don’ts for Telecom Email Marketing” cheat sheet. Before you hit ‘send’ on your next email, check this out first.

To contact JSA on ways our company can help yours prepare for GDPR, please contact us today.