Telehouse’s recent expansion into Russia enhances CDNetworks’ Russia Acceleration solution

The reach into Russia has never been easier for TELEHOUSE America customers and partners. Shortly after the announcement of the launch of Telehouse’s newest global data center (#44!) Telehouse Moscow, comes this news today. TELEHOUSE America and CDNetworks, the only multinational Content Delivery Network (CDN) with expertise and infrastructure in China and other emerging markets, announce their partnership to provide premier content delivery services to the Russian market. 

Through the new partnership, TELEHOUSE America customers and partners are granted direct access to CDNetworks’ Global Cloud Acceleration services in Russia, via Telehouse’s Chelsea data center in NYC. 

“We are so pleased that our partner Telehouse has expanded into Russia,” said Jeff Kim, COO & President, CDNetworks Americas/EMEA.  “We recently announced our Russia Acceleration solution, so we are committed to serving businesses and consumers with faster websites and cloud applications.  As the first global data center provider to expand into Russia, Telehouse knows the value of providing content delivery to this market.” 

CDNetworks’ Russia cloud acceleration delivers dynamic website content and cloud applications from around the world, to the population in Russia. 

“With Russia’s IT market predicted to grow by at least 15% in the coming years, and the  number of Internet users to explode in the next five to ten years, the timing could not be more perfect for Telehouse’s entrance into Moscow, an up and coming data center hub,” comments Satoshi Adachi, Vice President of TELEHOUSE America. “On that same note, CDNetworks’ Russia Acceleration Solution can be deployed from each of Telehouse’s locations including our state-of-the-art Chelsea Center enabling Russian enterprises to successfully and cost-effectively deliver web content and applications into Russia. This innovative and dynamic solution, in partnership with TELEHOUSE America, is set to further positive business growth within this now accessible and emerging market.” 

To learn more about Telehouse Moscow, go to Go here for more information on Telehouse’s Chelsea Center facility. 

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