This week, the ITW 2017 floor has been buzzing with exciting news. One company in particular being France-IX and their impressive IXP growth reflects winning formula of strong traffic increase and affordable pricing. France-IX, the premier Internet Peering Service Provider in France, announced that it delivered its tenth 100Gbps port last month.

The first members to sign up for the 100Gbps service were OVH for France-IX Paris and Reliance Jio for France-IX Marseille. Today, a variety of leading Internet networks have chosen to increase their France-IX peering capacity via 100Gbps ports including French carriers (Bouygues Telecom), high growth international carriers (Reliance Jio), public cloud providers (Amazon, Microsoft), content delivery networks (Limelight), content and hosting service providers (OVH, Online, Yahoo), as well as video game developer and digital distribution companies (Valve).

France-IX currently has 345 members in Paris and Marseille. In March 2017, Internet traffic hit a new peak record of 800 Gbps, representing a 45% annual growth. The France-IX 100Gbps ports are available in all France-IX points of presence in Paris and Marseille: Equinix-Telecity PA6 and PA7, Iliad DC2 and DC3, Interxion PAR1, PAR2 et PAR5, Telehouse 2 and 3, Interxion MRS1 and Jaguar Network MRS01. Provisioning takes on average three business days. The 100Gbps ports pricing strategy aims to satisfy the cost-consciousness of France-IX members offering a ratio of an equivalent five 10Gbps ports.

Read the full release here.

For more on this company, visit: www.franceix.net