Fortune Magazine will feature GeoTel Communications telecommunications data and maps in a multi-page article. The article, on newsstands worldwide July 9, focuses on the Internet and global fiber optic communications. Written by journalists Andrew Blum and Benjamin Schenkel, the article will also be included on Fortune’s online homepage,

“Mapping the Internet” describes the history and process of tracking the telecommunications data. From the sea floor to under city streets, this data is transmitted through fiber-optic cables. GeoTel utilizes GIS mapping technology used in combination with additional graphic design to display the telecom maps in the article.

GeoTel Communications is the leading provider of telecommunications infrastructure data in Geographic Information Services (GIS). GeoTel also offers government related web-based platforms. GeoTel’s unique business strategy implements and converges the mapping of telecommunications fiber and other telecommunications infrastructure data with GIS and online spatial technologies. For over a decade, GeoTel Communications has been researching and providing telecom data in a GIS format to customers across the globe and for USA based government related clients.

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