FirstLight_NavyblueFirstLight Fiber, a facilities-based telecommunications service provider operating in Upstate New York and Northern New England, announces today that it will provide next generation IP services to business customers located along Maine Fiber Company’s existing fiber infrastructure, also known as “Three Ring Binder.” The two companies will seamlessly extend Internet to underserved areas throughout Maine, leveraging each others respective capabilities. MaineFiberLogo

FirstLight has deployed a high quality, low-latency IP network in areas that historically had few options.  This next-generation IP network is unique in that it was purpose built to support the needs of businesses in Northern New England and Upstate New York and utilizes a regional ring architecture where each ring is capable of operating independently.

FL_Maine_Map_web2-300x236“Working with MFC is a natural fit, allowing our companies to leverage each other’s strengths to collectively offer the comprehensive solutions that benefit our mutual customers,” added Patrick Coughlin, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FirstLight.  “We are committed to providing this region with the reliable, scalable, high bandwidth services that are crucial to continued economic development.  By delivering our dedicated Internet access service over MFC’s extensive fiber network, we are able to offer virtually unlimited bandwidth to businesses in this region.”

“Here at Maine Fiber Company (MFC), we consider ourselves ‘telecommunications problem solvers’ in that we are constantly looking to address our customers’ most pressing needs when it comes to connectivity. In doing so, MFC works with companies like FirstLight to offer exceptional telecommunications services,” commented Jeff McCarthy, Vice President of Business Development for Maine Fiber Company.  “The fact that FirstLight has built such an advanced and robust IP core in the Northeast is one of the main reasons that we chose to work with them. By aligning with FirstLight, we help bring a wider, more advanced set of services to Maine businesses, allowing them to compete more effectively in the global economy.”

FirstLight has direct, in region peering relationships with the most highly trafficked Internet sites, which reduces hops, lowers latency and improves the overall user experience.

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