First Communication’s unique relationships and Rights of Way pave path to serving frequently under served markets; facilitate speed of access and faster delivery

JSATV’s Jaymie Scotto Cutaia recently sat down with Raymond Hexamer, CEO of First Communications, to discuss the company’s evolution from utility-owned reseller of residential phone service to premier provider of fiber and SMB services throughout much of the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions – often serving the needs of the under served.

In the video, Hexamer notes that the company’s unique relationship with First Energy (the largest utility in the US and minority owner of First Communications) has opened doors to Rights of Way that allow the company to serve many “unique” markets.  Hexamer reported that 41% of the company’s routes are unique as they are either the only provider in these markets; or they are the only alternative in those areas. Other differentiators include:

  • Speed of Access
  • Build in less congested power space and communications space
  • Less make-ready times
  • Faster delivery

First Communications is a leading facilities-based, competitive communications provider offering high-capacity metro and long-haul fiber network services, and voice and data services, across the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest United States.

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