Marketing and media professionals (our JSA team included!) are always looking for fresh images to complement blogs, social media messaging and collateral, yet finding engaging, relevant visual content can be hard to find from stock photography sources. Meanwhile, literally tens of millions of user-generated photos and videos are added to Twitter and Instagram each day, but the thought of sifting through hashtags to find that perfect gem – and then having to go through the process of reaching out to the owner of the image in an attempt to license it – is enough to make anyone’s head spin. In our busy world of writing, pitching and designing, we simply do not have the time for that!

In comes – the marketer and media professional’s dream. Already in use by the marketing teams at the United Nations, Explore St Louis and The Gazette (Colorado Springs’ Pulitzer Prize winning daily newspaper), this innovative software is now being sought out by big media outlets and publishers looking to license authentic images that truly speak to their audience. They simply let’s software platform do all the “heavy lifting” of curating the content from Twitter and Instagram.

Marketing and media friends – now that I have your attention, this is how it works.

Screen shot 2016-06-22 at 4.34.37 PM “scopes” out quality user-generated photos and videos using a proprietary  search algorithm built to curate content from Twitter and Instagram.’s algorithm is so specific in its selection that on average only one out of every 200 images makes the cut—drastically reducing content clutter and allowing the subscriber to find exactly what they want via a user-friendly dashboard. The flexible and intuitive search capabilities enable users to discover visual content via hashtags, trending topics, events, keywords and even emojis. also facilitates the licensing process, thus breaking down the barriers between users and content creators. The results are a win-win for both the content creator who profits from the sale and the subscriber who is looking for fresh imagery that connects with their market on a more personal level.

“Gone are the days when a stock image resonates with your audience,” says Christina Hawatmeh,’s Founder and CEO. “ enables the big media outlets and publishers that are piloting our platform to tap into the amazing user-generated visual content found on social media to license images that capture truly authentic moments.”

Do you want authentic visual content that connects with your audience or do you want to use stale stock photography?

Give a try and take your brand campaign, ad slicks, blogs, news articles and everything in between to a whole new level. Visit or email [email protected] to get started.