FiberMedia Group LLC introduces Business Continuity: a Holistic Approach, a white paper that explores the multiple facets that go into a comprehensive business continuity plan.  As statistics within the white paper show, there are an increasing number of businesses without proper arrangements who are blindsided when a disaster hits. FiberMedia’s goal through this white paper, is to offer guidance and become a partner and resource to those businesses looking to build a feasible business continuity plan.


The white paper looks at Business Continuity in a three-fold approach, covering people, assets and Information Technology.  Each of these are intertwined entities critical to manage as a whole, rather than separate parts, when producing a business continuity plan. The white paper also highlights FiberMedia’s partnership with Agility Recovery Solutions and Continuity Centers and how together the three companies can offer a comprehensive solution. This strategic partnership ensures that a streamlined solution is customized individually to the specific needs of each company.


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