Lions, tigers, bears and now a state-of-the-art data protection and disaster recovery solution for Denver Zoo! Faction announces today that it is the official cloud service provider for Denver Zoo, which is using the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud provider’s enterprise-grade cloud for its dynamic data protection and disaster recovery solution.

faction_lionsDenver Zoo, an 80-acre facility located in Denver, Colorado’s City Park, migrated from an on-premise IT environment using tape backups to a Faction cloud-based platform. In addition, Faction’s cloud solution includes hypervisor-based tools that replicate Denver Zoo’s critical applications and production data to the Faction Cloud — providing cutting-edge security by taking granular snapshots of data inside a virtualized environment. This is how Faction’s data protection and disaster recovery solution has helped Denver Zoo:

  • Reduced latency
  • Provided increased control over the zoo’s IT environment
  • Increased capabilities by ensuring that full backups are readily available — in the event of a major issue, the zoo will have immediate access to backups, as opposed to recovery taking a week or more on its previous solution
  • Provided 100% protection for the zoo’s business-critical telecommunications


“Faction’s approach infaction_bear working with Denver Zoo was unique in that the team genuinely expressed an interest in supporting the local community,” said Dean Paulson, Director of Information Technology for Denver Zoo. “With Faction’s highly available infrastructure, our recovery time objective for virtualization backups will be significantly improved. Their team went above and beyond in helping our IT team with day-to-day management, as our former backup method involving managing tapes required a significant investment in time and money. We look forward to expanding the solution in the future.”

Since the zoo hosts hundreds of species and thousands of guests, employees and volunteers every day, it’s essential that it has the right tools in place for securely backing up its applications, systems and data.

“Faction is passionate about supporting local organizations and communities, and is excited to strike this new partnership with Denver Zoo,” comments John Drake, Senior Vice President of Sales for Faction. “We look forward to providing a high level of support for this community treasure.”