At this year’s Telecom Exchange in New York, Todd Coleman, CEO of eStruxture, participated on a keynote roundtable aptly entitled “Humans vs. Machines: AI, Skynet & Network Safeguards”. With the conversation around artificial intelligence (AI) top-of-mind for the C-level guests, Mr. Coleman sat down with Dean Perrine, JSA’s Vice President of New Media and Account Strategy, to share his thoughts about how data center operators can both meet the needs of customers involved in AI, and apply the emerging technology to their infrastructure management protocols.

In the video, Mr. Coleman notes that AI developers and organizations already using AI-based applications do not fit easily within traditional Tier III data center models. “When we talk about the applications that drive a lot of AI development and deep learning needs, we find that their requirements are different from a power, cooling and redundancy perspective,” Mr. Coleman states. However, AI does not only impact how data center providers interact with their clients. It also has the potential to transform the management of the mission-critical facilities themselves.

Already working with AI developer labs like Nothing Artificial, Mr. Coleman says the company’s ongoing goal is to continue understanding how it assimilates the technology into its data centers and day-to-day operations. “When you are running a mission-critical environment, time is of the essence. When something is going wrong at the customer or data center level, how you think through the timing and the steps you undertake are important to keeping the data center operational and the customer application infrastructure up. Now, we [data center operators] need to become experts in cybersecurity.”

To watch Todd’s full interview, click here.