Equinox Global Telecommunications announces it is now accepting dark fiber orders on its recently announced Charlotte, NC route. Equinox continues network growth into the state of Georgia with new network routes reaching Atlanta to Macon and Macon to Columbus. Construction on the Georgia segments will begin soon and are expected to be complete in 2014-2015.

As fund raising continues and dark fiber becomes available for lease on the Charlotte route, Equinox is focused on meeting customer demand. Along with the routes that traverse Atlanta, Macon and Columbus, Equinox also has plans for network growth in coastal and central Georgia. The company’s growth in North Carolina and Georgia is in response to the need for higher bandwidth speeds in the business, education and government sectors. Today, businesses of all types require network connectivity options to keep their employees and customers connected.

The full range of Equinox’s services will be available along these routes. Those services include dark fiber, broadband, network maintenance and monitoring, NOC services and technical support and professional services including inside and outside plant design and installation.
For more information on Equinox Global Telecommunications and leasing dark fiber email [email protected] or visit www.equinoxglobaltelecom.net