As next-generation technologies come to fruition, both capacity and connectivity become even more crucial. To prepare for new innovations, Epsilon announces the activation of a next-generation network route at NJFX to meet the high demand for diverse network architectures. This new, independent route is now operational with live customer traffic and bypasses legacy NYC chokepoints, providing a secure network option to Europe from Ashburn, Virginia. Ashburn is where 70% of the internet computes.

“The leadership role Epsilon has taken to support the global networking community is recognized as a critical connectivity infrastructure initiative; eliminating single points of failure like NYC and ensuring global traffic isn’t impacted by issues in the region,” states Gil Santaliz, CEO for NJFX. “NJFX’s innovative Tier 3 CLS ‘Clarity in Connectivity’ approach is now being introduced as the standard for North American financials and multinational enterprises to also fortify their network routes and eliminate single points of failure from the US national data hubs.”

Founded on helping carriers strategically diversify their connectivity options, NJFX provides secure access to key hubs across North America and Europe, improving upon legacy architectures and paving the way for innovative capabilities. Through NJFX, network service providers can also leverage Epsilon’s on-demand connectivity platform, Infiny. Infiny is a Software-Defined Networking (SDN) platform that gives users access to on-demand local, regional and global connectivity. Epsilon’s Global Network Fabric currently extends to over 100 datacenters in North America, Europe, Asia the Middle East and Africa, and offers direct interconnects to the leading Cloud Service Providers and Internet Exchanges (IXs). Users of the Infiny on-demand connectivity platform can turn up network services anytime, anywhere via a web-based portal, their smartphone or even integrated APIs.

The next step in eliminating points of failure in the US will be bypassing Miami as the only major gateway for LATAM and the Caribbean. This is now available from NJFX in conjunction with several carriers using a cable system connecting New Jersey to Boca Raton, Florida via the Atlantic, then routing directly to Puerto Rico.

NJFX is the only Cable Landing Station (CLS) colocation campus in the U.S offering Tier 3, carrier-neutral data center capabilities. Winner of the 2018 Global Carrier Award for Best North American Project, NJFX offers direct access to five subsea cable systems including TGN1, TGN2, Seaborn, HAVFRUE/AEC2 (2019) and Wall-LI (2020). For more information, please visit