EPLAN USA, a market leading European engineering solutions provider and consultancy focused on efficient engineering, is introducing two efficiency-driven products to the U.S. market.  The company plans to showcase these products during a series of live demos at the Rockwell Automation Fair® in Philadelphia Nov. 14-15.

EPLAN Remains Focused on Efficient Engineering

EPLAN represents products of the highest quality, maximized efficiency and professional advice in compliance with global standards. Safeguarding the accomplishments of customers along with continuous enhancement and development is the guiding principle of this extensive development program. EPLAN advises companies about process optimization, developing software-based engineering solutions in order to accelerate customer’s product creation processes. This allows customers to work more efficiently and reduce their time-to-market. As a global player, EPLAN supports over 51,000 customers around the world with more than 145,000 installations through outstanding product quality and maximum efficiency increases.

Panel-Building Automation Matrix (PAM)

PAM is the first business consultancy platform in the engineering industry.  PAM was constructed using insights from more than 150 panel builders worldwide, including many in North America. The platform helps companies understand their operations by analyzing the business, identifying challenges and creating opportunities for improvement. The proprietary EPLAN Smart Value Chain, which serves as the backbone of PAM, improves manufacturing times up to 40 percent. The Smart Value Chain enables manufacturing electrical control panels to overcome common challenges such as low margins, lack of skilled labor, high scrap rates and more.

Store Share View

Store Share View brings EPLAN projects to the cloud. Store Share View allows EPLAN projects to be saved in the cloud and available for all project participants to see at any time. The first step of EPLAN’s cloud concept, Store Share View optimizes workflows and makes collaboration easier and more efficient, while offering a state-of-the-art user experience.

EPLAN to Showcase Products at Rockwell Automation Fair®

EPLAN partners with companies in the Global Encompass™ PartnerNetwork™, such as Rockwell Automation and more Encompass Partners, to integrate its software within various platforms and systems, ultimately reaching many industries in need of automation.

EPLAN will be performing demonstrations of both products at booth #1349 during the Automation Fair by Rockwell Automation, scheduled for Nov. 14-15 in Philadelphia. Sean-Patrick Mulherrin, EPLAN Product Manager, will also be showcasing Store Share View in Room 104AB starting at 9 a.m. on Nov. 14 and 15. The session (T30) is titled “EPLAN Software and Services: Data Store/Share/View and The Connected Enterprise.”

EPLAN is leveraging 30 years of experience in building efficient engineering solutions and great success in the European marketplace to create the ideal suite of products for the U.S. market.  With PAM and Store Share View, EPLAN helps customers across industries and markets save time and money.  To learn more about EPLAN and the new suite of products click here.  To meet with EPLAN in Philadelphia, email [email protected] to schedule a demo.