1452889735754Cinia and The David Ross Group announced a new deal for asset and capacity sales for the new, high-performance subsea fiber route, C-Lion1, today at ITW 2016. Connecting Finland and Germany via the Baltic Sea, the high-quality, cyber-secure route links key data centers in Northern and Central Europe, as well as offers low latency connectivity between Europe and Asia.

C-Lion1 offers a new, diverse option for companies in the region requiring low-latency, information-secure data transmission capacity. The cable route was completed in January 2016 and will act as a data highway for the data stemming from cloud computing, big data and digitalization. Finland acts as an important hub between eastern and western Europe, allowing C-Lion1 customers new connectivity and data center opportunities.

The David Ross Group affiliate, United Cable Company (UCC), will be extending Cinia’s presence outside of Europe and will offer global Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 10.41.29 AMconnectivity solutions to new key customer groups.

“Network operators continually seek to improve resiliency and latency performance,” continues Eric Gutshall, Founder & Global Head of Asset and Capacity Sales of DRG affiliate United Cable Company. “C-Lion1 is a terrific asset that supports both.  The timing for this next phase of the relationship couldn’t be better with C-Lion1 planning to enter commercial service later this month.”

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