DE-CIX_Logo2011_kleinDE-CIX, provider of premium Internet exchange (IX) services and operator of several carrier-neutral and independent Internet exchanges, has won the Capacity Award 2013 for Best Global Product/Service.

With this award, Capacity celebrates innovation, vision and excellence in global wholesale telecoms. DE-CIX received this award for the work that it accomplished this year on its new DE-CIX Apollon platform. DE-CIX Apollon offers a cutting-edge interconnection platform for almost 600 global


carriers, ISPs and content providers. Being connected to DE-CIX Apollon and using its IX services saves each ISP a lot of money. DE-CIX merited the award by delivering stable and efficient IX services for almost 20 years now. The Capacity award also recognizes DE-CIX’s strength to look ahead, plan and implement solutions to address the needs of the future.

With Internet traffic growing rapidly and continuously year to year, DE-CIX Apollon addresses the wholesale service provider market’s need for advanced, reliable and robust peering and exchange infrastructure. It offers customers the choice of anywhere from 1 Gigabit fractional to multiple 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) ports. The platform supports port density of up to eighty 100 GE ports per chassis, with a total of over three hundred 100 GE ports available across its entire optical network.

Hundreds of global service providers rely on the DE-CIX exchange for interconnection and peering services, allowing them to easily connect to hundreds of partners.

“We are delighted to receive the Capacity Award for the Best Global Service,” states Frank P. Orlowski, Head of Marketing at DE-CIX. “The jury rewarded the premium IX services DE-CIX has been delivering to the industry since its inception in the 1990s. With DE-CIX Apollon, we are prepared for the future and ready to deliver cutting-edge interconnection in the years ahead.”

The Capacity Award winners were announced at the Capacity Awards ceremony and gala dinner in Amsterdam on November 19th.

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