DE-CIX Announces NGN VOIP ProductDE-CIX has upgraded its flagship Apollon Internet exchange in Frankfurt with powerful new 7950 XRS-40 routing systems from Alcatel-Lucent. The XRS-40 system, created by two back-to-back XRS-20 chassis, allows DE-CIX to keep Internet exchange traffic local within the data center by aggregating more customers on a single edge router. By localizing the traffic, the amount of traffic that needs to be routed through the Apollon core nodes is reduced, keeping latency low and data flow manageable in a marketplace that is growing rapidly.


This upgrade to DE-CIX’s Internet exchange in Frankfurt represents the first deployment of the XRS-40 outside of North America. Highly space and power efficient, the XRS-40 is designed to increase the density and scalability of the exchange by offering nearly twice the density of alternative systems. One XRS-40 currently delivers up to 160 x 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) ports or 1600 x 10 GE ports.


DE-CIX Apollon

“No other IXP continues to upgrade to the latest generation of available hardware at the same speed as we do,” confirms Frank Orlowski, CMO for DE-CIX. “DE-CIX’s core competitive advantage lies in our expertise in scaling and operating exchanges and our steadfast commitment to providing the highest-quality peering environment in the industry.”


DE-CIX’s deployment of the first XRS-40 on October 1, 2014 is the first of multiple deployments, as it plans to expand the setup to multiple data centers in the Frankfurt metropolitan area. DE-CIX has seen more than 80 new customers join the Apollon platform this year, with the number of exchange customers and ports growing.


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