DE-CIX New YorkTechnology is now the second most important driver of New York City’s economy, behind only the financial sector. This figure was confirmed in the “Building a Digital City” study delivered at the September 2013 Bloomberg Technology Summit in New York. “Silicon Alley” in New York now creates hundreds of thousands of jobs and generates over $5.6 billion in annual tax revenues to the city, according to the Association for a Better New York.

With a growing emphasis on technology as a driver for economic development, New York City is committed to building a strong and robust technology ecosystem. “New York is a world-class city with an increasing interest in driving economic growth and stability through technology,” confirms Frank Orlowski, Chief Marketing Officer for DE-CIX.

Launched in fall 2013, DE-CIX New York is an Internet exchange that provides neutral DE-CIX Announces NGN VOIP Productand settlement-free interconnection for global carrier networks. The exchange creates a foundation for reliable, secure and consistent Internet connectivity.

“Our DE-CIX New York Internet exchange is enabling efficient carrier interconnection in a city that is the gateway to North America for global content providers,” confirms Orlowski. “The DE-CIX New York network currently provides up to 2 Terabits per second of capacity. By the year 2020, DE-CIX New York will be one of the world’s five largest Internet exchanges and will keep the Internet working smoothly in one of the most important cities in the world.”

DE-CIX‘s Orlowski participates today in a panel discussion titled “NYC as a Connectivity Hub for Technology” at the Telecom Exchange conference at Cipriani Wall Street. The focus of discussion will be the importance of robust communications infrastructure in New York City; the communications infrastructure required to provide adequate connectivity to businesses and residences; and the emerging needs of high-tech and high-growth companies.

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