The wait is over – the DE-CIX Apollon peering exchange completed its final technology upgrades, and all customers have been successfully migrated over. What does this mean DE-CIX Internet exchange, peering, data center for DE-CIX customers? Direct access to one of the fastest, most technologically advanced and one of the most reliable peering and Internet exchanges in the world. The technology upgrades also enable 100G capabilities for the more than 600 DE-CIX customers and partners, with expanded capabilities slated for 2014.

German ISP Hetzner Online is actually the first customer to deploy 100G on the Apollon DE-CIX, Internet exchange, peering, data center connectivityplatform. “With our new 100G connection and the top-notch service at DE-CIX, we can increase the capacity for our customer traffic any time – easily, quickly and cost-effectively,” said Stephan Konvickova, Hetzner Online’s General Manager. “In this way, we offer our customers the best performance and are well-outfitted for our national and international growth.”

With network traffic volumes continually rising, DE-CIX looks forward to many more customers following suit.

DE-CIX has had a busy fall with its recent announcement of a new world-class peering exchange in NYC, which is now welcoming customers. Initial sites for the NY exchange include key locations such as 60 Hudson Street, 111 8th Avenue, 32 Avenue of the Americas, 325 Hudson Street and 165 Halsey Street in Newark, New Jersey.

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