The multi-disciplinary nature of data center design and management, and rapid advances in supporting infrastructure technology, requires that even experienced professionals continually improve and expand their skill sets.

With the modernization and increased complexity of data center operations, the availability of DCPRO courses provides organizations and individuals in North American markets with access to critical learning when the need for training has never been greater.

In response to a focus on the modernization of data centers, DCPro offers relevant courses that provide individuals with the critical knowledge they require to manage increasingly complex data center infrastructures.

To address this business need in North America, DCProfessional Development is building a worldwide network of some of the most experienced data center professionals and domain experts to develop and deliver a series of both classroom and online training courses.

Below is the complete North American course schedule.

Data Center Design Awareness: New York  04/28/2014  3 Days

Energy Efficiency Best Practice: New York  05/01/2014  2 Days

Data Center Cooling Professional: New York  05/06/2014  3 Days

Data Center Power Professional: New York  05/12/2014  3 Days

Data Center Design Awareness: Chicago  06/02/2014  3 Days

Energy Efficiency Best Practice: Chicago  06/05/2014  2 Days

Data Center Cooling Professional: Chicago  06/09/2014  3 Days

Data Center Power Professional: Chicago  06/17/2014  3 Days

Data Center Design Awareness: San Francisco  06/23/2014  3 Days

Energy Efficiency Best Practice: San Francisco  06/26/2014  2 Days

Data Center Cooling Professional: San Francisco  07/08/2014  3 Days

Data Center Power Professional: San Francisco  07/15/2014  3 Days

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