CONVERGED_LOGODatacenterDynamics, a premier full service B2B information provider that focuses specifically on the data center industry, will hold its DCD Converged Conference and Expo on May 15 at Centre Mont-Royal in Montréal.  The annual one-day event will spotlight the scalability and adaptability of Québec’s data center ecosystem and how the overall influx in big data affects the efficiency of data centers in the region.  Speakers will share insights on topics covering power consumption; how to equip current infrastructure and manage emerging requirements; and the increasing demands of high-growth and high bandwidth companies.

The theme of this year’s DCD Converged Montréal is whether new data center facilities are designed to adapt and grow with the introduction of new technologies, new business requirements and increased storage needs.  The success of these data centers and upgrades to current infrastructures are expected to have a significant impact on Montréal’s high-tech industry. The DCD Converged Montréal program will offer attendees a wide range of sessions on preparing for the future of data centers and will present key networking opportunities for executives, IT managers and professionals in the industry. The speakers will address the growing demands for energy consumption, design and construction and how current and future data centers will optimize capabilities.

The region’s facilities are attracting companies from all across North America with new virtualization techniques; a result of the province upgrading its existing infrastructure to compete with major metro areas. DCD’s Canadian Converged event will showcase Québec’s data center infrastructure as key to the future of Montréal’s thriving high-tech industry

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