ice-cubes-1224804_1920DataSite has unveiled the installation of Motivair Corporation’s ChilledDoor Rack Cooling system to accommodate a high performance computing (HPC) environment for strategic customers. In the near future, this new cooling technology will be available across all of DataSite’s locations.

What is HPC and why is it important?

High performance computing is the practice of aggregating computing power in a way that delivers significantly increased performance over what a normal computer or workstation would be able to provide.

As technology continues to evolve, the level of computing power relied on to run all of our gadgets, apps, software, etc. increases at a very rapid pace. HPC is a viable option to deal with the influx of data being caused by the multitude of devices data centers support today.

What is the market demand for HPC?

Market research firm, IDC, projects the HPC market will grow from $23.1B in 2016 to $31.4B in 2019, fueled by the desire to reap the of benefits of power hungry servers, storage, middleware, and applications. This trend is largely driven by more robust connectivity solutions delivering richer media to data centers that consequently require more intensive computing operations to process the rising influx of data. As the HPC market expands, traditional cooling systems, such as CRACs and in-row systems, will not be able to accommodate next generation hardware efficiently.

How does Motivair’s ChilledDoor system support HPC?

With the ChilledDoor system, DataSite will have the capability to accommodate supercomputing gear for applications, such as artificial intelligence (AI) in cars, medical research and weather tracking, all of which demand as much as 75kW per rack. Motivair’s solution is an active rear door heat exchanger that is mounted directly to the rear panel of the rack that ensures all heat being generated by equipment is neutralized before it leaves the cabinet. This eliminates the need for traditional cooling systems to operate on the HPC environment. Additionally, the system is continuously monitoring atmospheric variables to adjust conditions on a real-time basis, increasing data center efficiencies by as much as 90%.

DataSite selected Motivair because they were able to provide a cooling solution that could accommodate HPC clusters without sacrificing any operational efficiencies.

“DataSite is setting themselves apart as an early adopter of HPC colocation cooling solutions by utilizing the ChilledDoor technology, and it’s encouraging for us to work with a partner that is willing to reinvent its operational approach as technology evolves,” said Rich Whitmore, President & CEO of Motivair. “We are eager to launch this initiative in Orlando and look forward to accommodate DataSite customers’ HPC ambitions in Atlanta and Boise as well.”

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