As OTTs continue to outpace traditional cable television and IoT devices increasingly bridge the gap between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and consumers, Los Angeles is fast becoming an epicenter for data-intensive, mission-critical applications. In a city known for a shortage of colocation capacity, West 7 Center stands out as having the ability to deliver the space, power and cooling infrastructure OTTs and IoT developers require.

According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index, mobile video streaming accounted for 60% of all mobile data traffic in 2016. By 2021, this figure will to rise to 78%. As a result, OTT content providers increasingly require reliable content delivery networks (CDNs) to satisfy customer demand and improve streaming experiences.

Similarly, IoT developers need ultra low latency connectivity between their centralized cloud architecture and edge devices with limited computing abilities. On a global scale, IoT will create close to 44 trillion gigabytes of data by 2020. In Los Angeles alone, multiple enterprises are already working on a variety of IoT applications from smart city technology to autonomous vehicles. The need for ample colocation space has never been more of a priority.

That’s where West 7 Center comes in. As the city’s first purpose-built carrier and cloud-neutral Tier III+ facility, they have ample capacity in terms of space, power and cooling for customers with data-intensive, ultra low latency needs. The facility currently has 13MW of power and 172,000 square feet of space available. Backed by two central plants with N+1 power/cooling redundancy, the building also has over 70,000 gallons of fuel on hand at anytime to support mission-critical operations in case of emergency or power outages. Although it already exceeded seismic standards when it was first built, West 7 Center has since undergone upgrades to further increase its reliability and efficiency.

“With our in-house telecom expertise and West 7 Center’s proximity both to businesses and new residential developments in Los Angeles, we are well suited to house mission-critical equipment and data for OTTs and CDN providers. Location close to the edge also provides the ultra low latency needed for the city’s IoT developers; with West 7 Center, data processing and analysis can occur close to edge devices, further ensuring their uptime and speed of communications.” – Marc Gittleman, Executive Vice President of Third Party Services at Rising Realty Partners

By 2020, the US data center market is set to triple in growth – all because of connected devices, IoT and content delivery networks. For Los Angeles OTTs looking to improve video streaming experiences for their consumers or IoT developers needing ultra low latency, West 7 Center is truly a perfect hot spot.

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