Mike Cunningham, CEO for Crosslake Fibre, recently met up with Jaymie Scotto Cutaia at ITW 2018. The two chatted about the many new developments across Crosslake’s subsea cable builds. Crosslake Fibre has TWO builds in fact, which is quite a feat!  The first subsea cable project discussed was the Toronto / Buffalo cable system, which traverses Lake Ontario. The cable is unique in that it is being constructed under the lake and offers a diverse and physically shorter path. Crosslake Fibre will offer carriers the ability to buy dark fiber from the cable, which is also unique for the market in Canada.

The Toronto build will have a ready for service date of October 2018. Crosslake Fibre recently announced a big milestone for that subsea system as they started construction and chose IT International Telecom, as the cable installer. “This is their core business and is a very good solution for us. We are very excited to be working with them,” commented Cunningham. IT International Telecom will be utilizing a specialized vessel designed to install cables – as opposed to a barge solution. This type of vessel provides the ability to securely bury the cable in the seabed.

Wall-LI is Crosslake Fibre’s second subsea cable build and its also making news. As another high fiber count, diverse subsea cable, this build will extend from NJFX’s Tier 3 data center campus in Wall, NJ to 1025Connect in Long Island, NY.  It will offer carriers, financials and enterprises new transoceanic options to get to other routes and key locations, as well as a way to scale infrastructures rapidly.

There’s no question that there is a LOT of subsea development all along the U.S. East coast – check out Crosslake Fibre’s JSA  TV  video for more details.

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