New Cable System Will Provide High Capacity Options for Carriers, Financials, Content Providers and Enterprises

Internet growth has reached the “zettabyte era”, as reported by Cisco. Global internet traffic reached a run rate of 1 zettabyte (ZB) last year and is expected to double by 2020. Internet applications, cloud, Crosslake Fibrecontent and tech trends are driving demands for higher bandwidth and more capacity. Subsea cable systems serve as the foundation to carry the majority of that traffic. Crosslake Fibre is laser focused on its unique subsea cable project, which will connect Toronto, Canada to Buffalo, NY via Lake Ontario. The company just announced the next milestone in its 131km cable system today.Crosslake Fibre has begun its underwater marine survey, which is a critical aspect of development for the cable system. Canadian Seabed Research Ltd. of Porters Lake, Nova Scotia will conduct the marine survey.

Crosslake Fibre Marine Survey

Marine Survey Ship

“We are very excited to begin the marine survey as it is a very important and material milestone in the development of the system,” states Mike Cunningham, Chief Executive Officer of Crosslake Fibre. “The marine survey is an essential step in the process of engineering the route, cable burial program, and cable design.”

The high fibre count network will provide diverse, low latency connectivity to enterprises, content providers, and carrier customers between data centres in Toronto and the United States. The ready-for-service (RFS) date for the system is September 2018.

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