Crosslake Fibre announced that it has selected two industry leaders to provide key components for its high capacity subsea cable connecting Toronto, Canada to Buffalo, New York. The submarine Lake Ontario
Crosslake Fibrecable is the first system of its kind across Lake Ontario and will be attractive to telecom providers, service providers, and enterprises that want dark fiber and physically diverse routes across a more direct link than is currently available. Hexatronic Cables & Interconnect Systems AB of Sweden, a leading system solutions provider for fiber optic communications has a broad submarine cable offering and will supply the high-fibre-count submarine fibre optic cable. Specializing in marine, offshore and industry projects, Maritech International LTD was chosen to construct the Horizontal Directional Drilled (HDD) shore ends for Crosslake’s 58km submarine cable project. HDD is a method used for crossing rivers, shore approaches and other areas such as highways, minimizing environmental footprint.

“The low-impact nature of construction and the added protection that it provides led us to design HDD shore ends for the landing of the cable in both Toronto and in Wilson, New York,” stated Cunningham.  “The impressive experience that Maritech brings and our comfort in their ability to execute made them a natural choice.”

“To meet customer demand on the high-density route between Toronto and New York, Crosslake Fibre requires a high-fiber-count, high-performance cable. Hexatronic’s double armored, 96 pair, ribbon cable provides us with an optimal solution for a high-performance cable,” stated Mike Cunningham, Chief Executive Officer of Crosslake Fibre.

Crosslake Fibre Facts:

  • 58km submarine length; 131km Toronto to Buffalo route length
  • Physically diverse and lower latency than alternate paths
  • Marine Survey completed in 2017
  • Cable and HDD Shore end supply contracts are CIF
  • Ready-For-Service (RFS) date of October 2018
  • Complete project funding in place
  • Second submarine cable, Wall-LI, will connect Wall, New Jersey to Westbury, Long Island and be RFS in June 2019

For additional information, please visit and follow on Twitter @CrosslakeFibre. Hear from Crosslake’s CEO, Mike Cunningham on a recent JSA TV video.