Crosslake Fibre  is well on its way to further delivering upon its mission of developing key fiber optics projects throughout North America. The company has two fiber builds in process currently. The first is a first-of-its-kind ‘wet’ cable connecting Toronto to Buffalo, NY via Lake Ontario. This is a 58km
submarine fiber optic cable system and is designed to be physically diverse and lower latency than alternate routes. The second subsea cable build, nicknamed ‘Wall-LI’, is a subsea cable system which connects two key data centers, NJFX in Wall, New Jersey and 1025 Connect in Long Island and will be RFS in June 2019. Both subsea cable system projects are progressing across the necessary steps to completion. These cable systems will
offer enterprises, carriers, financial services firms secure, low latency networking options, as well as dark fiber infrastructure in which to power their communications. Continuing with its approach in using industry-leading vendors and suppliers, Crosslake Fibre just announced it has selected IT International Telecom Canada as its cable supplier on the Lake Ontario submarine cable project.

“The Crosslake Fibre cable system will provide much-needed physical redundancy and updated infrastructure along this critical route,” states Mike Cunningham, Chief Executive Officer of Crosslake Fibre. “We are pleased to engage such an experienced firm as IT International Telecom, that has installed dozens of subsea cables worldwide, to install and bury the cable with a specialized cable installation vessel.”

The construction of the shore ends is currently in progress and the terrestrial backhaul from the shore ends to downtown Toronto and Buffalo is in development.

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