Critical Route Bypasses NYC for Added Reliability

Crosslake Fibre is expanding its cable system from New York into New Jersey. The company announced today its plans to build a new submarine fibre-optic cable from the 1025Connect facility in Long Island, New York to NJFX’s data center campus in Wall, New Jersey. Building upon the momentum from its first subsea cable project, connecting Toronto to Buffalo, which reached a milestone last week with the start of the underwater marine survey, Crosslake Fibre’s newest build is a 95km high fibre count unrepeatered submarine cable. The new system will provide a physically diverse, lower latency route between cable landing stations in Long Island and New Jersey. “The need for a Manhattan bypass route is growing more critical with increased network congestion and weather-related threats in the region,” states Mike Cunningham, Chief Executive Officer of Crosslake Fibre. “As additional transoceanic cables carrying much of the world’s Internet traffic land in the region, and growth on existing cables continues, new domestic connectivity onward from the Cable Landing Stations is important.”

The Wall to Long Island project continues Crosslake’s model of developing niche submarine cable systems. “Our Lake Ontario build is progressing at full speed and has really validated our approach to developing smaller systems,” comments Cunningham. Crosslake Fibre will own and manage the new system and will offer dark fibre and managed services to enterprise and carrier customers and has a targeted ready-for-service (RFS) date of June 2019 for the Wall to Long Island project.

Crosslake Fibre was first established to develop fibre-optic projects throughout Canada and the United States. The company is delivering on that vision through its innovative approach to developing next-generation networks and bringing new backbone routes to telecommunications carriers and web-centric customers.

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