New JSA TV with Nautilus CEO on Next-Generation, Water-Cooled Data Centers

Reimagining how to do data centers is Nautilus Data Technologies, a global pioneer in data center technology, leading a fundamental shift in the data center industry.

We all know that data centers  consume vast amounts of energy, water and chemicals. To address these particularly environmental concerns, Nautilus’ response is to use naturally cold water, which allows for 85% more efficiency in data center cooling.

CEO of Nautilus Data Technologies, Jim Connaughton, talks with JSA TV at PTC’18 about the company’s innovative water cooled data center design, what it means to the environment, how it is being noticed in the industry, 2018 predictions and more. Nautilus Data Technologies is pioneering a new generation of data centers by delivering innovative solutions that provide a strategic platform for greater customer success. The company is focused on providing disruptive technologies and solutions addressing the emerging data center efficiency and security requirements in computing, business continuity and disaster recovery markets.

Cooling systems like Nautilus’ enable high performance computing to be available to be available to everybody – commercial and individual customers – because the company can affordably offer high performance cooling to handle the hottest computer systems.

“Smart City, Smart Transportation, Smart Grid – we can finally realize these visions with our solution,” comments Connaughton in the video. Watch below: