Magazine subscribers want their news and they want access to it around the clock. Thankfully for Commentary Magazine’s subscribers and over 500,000 monthly website visitors, NYI-managed hosting and Fault Tolerant Web (FTW) guarantee that the news they want access to is available 24/7/365. NYI’s services have ensured 100% uptime for the publishing company, which had been experiencing service degradation and unacceptable downtime with previous hosting providers.Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 2.46.19 PM

NYI’s FTW is designed to optimize and accelerate the content of any website, ensuring pages are delivered quickly and with a near limitless scale. FTW offers:

  • Reduced load times
  • Effortless handling of surges and spikes in traffic
  • Ultra High Availability with 100% SLA Guarantee
  • Instant access to detailed statistics
  • Protection against online threats / DDoS mitigation and protection


“We know it can be difficult to change colocation or hosting providers, so our team goes the extra mile to ensure every last detail is taken care of,” states Phil Koblence, Chief Operating Officer of NYI. “Commentary Magazine is such a strong voice in publishing and needed a stellar team to ensure its website is on the fastest and most secure platform. We worked hard to ensure their team and their IT environment was taken care of with the best service possible.”

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