This week, Faction introduced Faction Forums, an enriching networking event series for vendors, partners, and, of course, cloud enthusiasts. The Forums will take place in cities across the United States and will serve as an excellent platform to connect and share industry best practices within the Faction cloud ecosystem.RB-Meme

Each Forum will have its own theme, pertinent to the cloud community, and will foster dialogues across multiple disciplines. Upcoming event themes include hybrid cloud best practices, multi-cloud strategies and preparedness, data protection, network virtualization, big data and more.

“Collaboration is the key to successfully navigating the cloud computing space,” says Luke Norris, Chief Executive Officer of Faction. “The goal of the Faction Forum is to mix intelligent conversation with leisure. While major trade shows can be rewarding, the Faction Forum events will encourage cloud enthusiasts to meet regularly to share insights and discuss key telecommunications trends.”

Sign up today to attend the following Faction Forums:

Date City Location
March 8 Chicago, IL Top Golf in Wood Dale, IL
March 9 Santa Clara, CA Faultline Brewing Company Sunnyvale, CA
March 15 Denver, CO Faction Headquarters in Denver, CO
March 15 Atlanta, GA Top Golf in Atlanta, GA
March 24 New York, NY The Overlook in NYC, NY

Click here to read more about the Faction Forums.

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