Tim Kiser to Address Greater Atlanta Data Center Market 360: The Rapid Growth of this Market, Impact of Hyperscale, Edge and Colocation’s Rebranding to Compete on Aug. 21

Colo Atl Owner and Founder, Tim Kiser, will serve as panelist at CAPRE’s Third Annual Greater Atlanta & Southeast Data Center Summit on August 21 in Atlanta, GA.

The full-day conference at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre in Atlanta features panel sessions focusing on the heated-up Atlanta market as well as trends and patterns in neighboring states such as North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. The event expects to draw in over 400 active and innovative data center developers, investors, capital sources, end-users, engineering firms, consultants and public-sector executives.

Mr. Kiser’s panel, “Greater Atlanta Data Center Market 360: The Rapid Growth of this Market, Impact of Hyperscale, Edge and Colocation’s Rebranding to Compete” takes place Aug. 21 from 9:00 to 10:20 am. The panel is moderated by Michael Clark, Project Executive for DPR Construction. Mr. Kiser’s fellow distinguished panelists include Georgia Senator John Albers; Mike Higgins, Senior Vice President – Data Center Services, Internap;  Joseph Junda, Managing Director, CIT; Pete Marin, President & CEO, T5 Data Centers; and Missy Young, Chief Information Officer, Switch.

Proposed Discussion Points in the session include:

* Cost of development: Competing in the Atlanta market and emerging southeast submarkets and obstacles (lack of space and demand for other property types)

* Describing the changing nature of supply: Hyperscale/“Super wholesale” vs colo

* Is there too much capital entering the space and not enough opportunity?

* Analysis of demand levels for IT service provider vs. infrastructure provider

* On the horizon: How are providers preparing for a greater concentration of data and greater protection of data?

* Is there a need to grow vertical?

* What impact will data center industry consolidation have on firms’ valuations in 2018?

* What is the impact of new players?

* The impact of hyperscale development: Design and construction of today’s data center

* What is the most significant obstacle to a data center operator over the next 12 months?

* How are enterprise data center end-users making decision about where to locate their data in 2018?

To learn more about or register for the event, visit https://www.capremedia.com/events/capres-third-annual-greater-atlanta-southeast-data-center-summit.