ColoAtl_TEX2015_Slide (2) For the second time in three years, Colo Atl, the leading provider of network-neutral colocation, data center and interconnection solutions, is expanding its colocation and neutral interconnection presence at 55 Marietta Street in downtown Atlanta. The latest expansion includes an additional 6,400 square feet for a total of ~24,000 square feet of data center and colocation space in 55 Marietta Street – in direct response to the company’s current and prospective growth assessments. Moreover, the latest expansion comes just two years from an expansion that included additional floor space and the establishment of Colo Atl’s sister companies, the Southeast Network Access Point (SNAP) and Georgia Technology Center (GTC).

Colo Atl

Colo Atl’s Tim Kiser talks to Hunter Newby at the Allied Fiber Atlanta Roadshow in 2015, hosted at the Colo Atl facility in Downtown Atlanta

“As the U.S. market experiences growth and investment in all areas, but particularly the intersection between fiber deployments for small cell backhaul and content distribution, those that are already in the game need to expand to meet that demand at the core,” stated Hunter Newby, Partner in Colo Atl and Founder and CEO of Allied Fiber. “This expansion helps to ensure that there is ample conditioned space ready for the scaling of our national network infrastructure.”

Founded in November 2001, the Colo Atl colocation and Meet Me Area (MMA) is a cost-effective neutral carrier interconnection facility for more than 80 local, regional and global network operators.

“In the last few years we’ve seen a number of new technologies that are changing how data centers operate coupled with the growth of fiber interconnections,” stated Tim Kiser, Owner and Founder of Colo Atl. “It’s our job to expand and evolve with the technology and facilitate meaningful interconnection capabilities, today and for years to come. The need is apparent and we’re responding.”

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