Cleareon LogoWe’re happy to report today that Cleareon Fiber Networks, a New York City-based provider of Dark Fiber networks and Lit services, is now service ready across its Points-of-Presence (PoPs) in New York City and New Jersey. Cleareon’s fiber network is now a cross-connect away from hundreds of wired and wireless carriers, clouds, media companies, financial networks and content providers, and terminates in key data centers and Meet Me Rooms (MMR) across New York City, New Jersey and other strategic interconnection hubs throughout the Northeast.

ethernet-1302083_1280As part of the company’s service rollout, Cleareon is offering a multi-gig (up to 10 GigE) Ethernet ring service. Cleareon’s PANMetro™ provides customers the ability to leverage Ethernet ring technology to obtain dedicated local access.  In addition to providing fiber based, high capacity, carrier-grade metro Ethernet solutions, Cleareon can convert legacy network connections to Ethernet over a wide area, stretching from Connecticut through New York to Southern New Jersey. As with all of Cleareon’s lit services, PANMetro™ includes an SLA performance monitoring and assurance reporting customer portal that proactively identifies issues and reports, to the second, across circuits to improve service delivery and reduce operating costs.

“We are very excited to announce our service ready status along with introducing the PANMetro Ethernet services offering,” states Cliff Kane, Co-CEO of Cleareon. “With our new service assurance platform coming online, Cleareon continues to lead the charge in providing transparency unique within the networking industry.  At Cleareon, we believe that giving our customers real time insight into the health of their networks is crucial to their success, and helping our customers achieve success is the only true way to measure our own.”

“By collocating in just one site, PANMetro Ethernet users can now sell their own services to hundreds of customers over a dedicated, protected Ring, eliminating the need to create a business case for leasing additional rack space and power in other facilities,” adds Kevin Rocks, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Cleareon.   “Service providers and end-users with high capacity IP and data traffic require an Ethernet platform that can scale beyond GigE, with the ability to easily load balance traffic between data centers and Meet Me Rooms.”

For more information about Cleareon Fiber Networks, visit or email [email protected].