As telecommunication companies across Latin America attempt to increase product and service offerings, few regions are seeing the execution of these plans more pronounced than through the restructuring of Chiles’ communications infrastructure.  

This has allowed for a significant buzz around the NGT Latin America Summit 2010 due to the convergence of Chief Technology Officers from the likes of Telefonica and Global Crossing.  Other topics of discussion develop how competitors to Telefonica and America Movil are able to provide services when broadband infrastructures are dated and hinder the development of applications customers will require. 

A feel good story is brewing as well. Chile has had the most strenuous year the region has seen, but has also given themselves a great position for growth and prosperity as the New Year approaches.  The ability for Chile to hop and skip up to a modern communication infrastructure has allowed for a fresh market to be developed leaving an opening for more Telecom companies and suppliers to fill the void.

The benefit is also seen through the use of top tier technologies and eco friendly solutions.  Not only will Chile see a powerfully modern city but their rugged rural communities will see the benefit and have the capabilities for strong mobile and broadband internet services, not to mention the effect this has on an education system.

With Mexico hosting the NGT LA 2010 executives are also focusing on how best to develop all regions in Latin America and provide state of the art mobile services that can juggle the requirements of a streaming population.  This is why leading executives like Gustavio Marambio the CTO of Telefonica Chile, Israel Madiedo the CTO of Cablevision and Antonio Casucci the SVP voice Services at Global Crossing Latin America are meeting at the Fairmont Mayakoba in Mexico.

The closed door meeting of competitors and colleagues to inform themselves on what the most viable technologies available are, and to look at the future growth of Latin America, is a bold step that justifies the growth the region is currently experiencing.

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