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JSA was honored to be asked by Global Telecoms Business Magazine to write an article on our top tips to turn browsers into buyers with public relations and Internet Marketing.  The article was just released today– so here are some highlights:

1.  Innovations in public relations and inbound marketing mean you can court, track and send interested eyeballs not only to your website but to your sales team.

2. By tooling your online messaging. you can track which words prospects use in their Google search fields to find you, and then build content to ensure you are the masters of these keywords.  You not only make your website more relevant and easier to find, you are also driving your telecom company’s thought-leadership.

3.  Go ahead and kick start your telecom blogging.  This not only freshens up your site, but it’s also a great way to send targeted eyeballs to you.

4. Tune your PR program so you are being interviewed on your keywords, so you are speaking at targeted trade shows on your keywords, so you are submitting for awards that honor your work in these keywords, and more.  These third-party validations are invaluable.

5. Engage in social media; if you are not yet, chances are, your competitors are running away with your messaging here in these free “lead generation pools”.

6. Tie your relevant content to trackable contact forms on your website, so your visitors can become leads for your sales team.

7.  Keep your leads nurtured with automatic email campaigns that are in line with your readers’ interests.

Want more?  Read the full article here:

And leave a comment below the article.  We want to hear your top tips for inclusion in our next article!